Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm in Trouble...

I know I know... I am so behind on Blog posts... I have so much wedding goodness to share and I am holding out on all of you. Things have been crazy, I swear! I promise within the next few weeks I will be caught up and be able to share with you all of the beauty of the rest of our 2010 events...
Get ready to see Deanna + Michael's pro pics...
Erin's amazing October wedding...
Lisa + Tony's November wedding
and Rachel + Nate's December wedding

Please forgive me! xxoo, Jill

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jessica + Ian 10.2.10 The Final Post!

I was waiting to post this...why??? Who knows?! I could not wait anymore. These pictures are a few of my very favorite of Jess + Ian's Fall wedding! They are beautiful! Again, thank you Shooting Gallery for letting me post your work!

It's always a special moment for the Bride and Groom to see their Reception room looking the way they dreamed it to look
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We were caught in a little bustle action, a sweet moment with me, the Bride and her close friendThe toasts....they were perfect

These pics were worth the wait. Thank you again Jess + Ian for letting us join in the celebration. It was amazing for me to see your dreams turn into reality. xxoo, Jill

Jessica + Ian 10.2.10 Pro Pics Part II

We blogged about Jess and Ian here...and here, but now FINALLY.... I am posting more of their amazing pro pics from The Shooting Gallery! Please prepare yourself for some amazing detail and beautiful pictures!

xxoo, Jill